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Making A Cumback to Early Days! Gaki ni Modotte Yarinaoshi!!!

category: Hentai / Incest / Milf / Loli / Shota / Rape / Upscale-AI
short-story:Ever since he was a kid, women have bullied Boku, which marks him so that he stays stuck in the past and becomes unable to move on with his life. One day, his childhood crush, Kasumi, invites him to her wedding. As he watches everyone around him lead a happy adult life, Boku realizes he has been...

Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias

short-story:The plot takes place in the Empire of Gracio, the last stronghold of mankind. People are on the verge of destruction, and the planet is almost completely colonized by demons invaders. Holy Knight Levels knew that violence and chaos is a foreshadowing of the resurrection of the Demon King who has...

Wagaya no Liliana-san

category: Hentai
short-story:Our protagonist Tatsuya was living a normal life as a video game fanatic and altogether average guy. One day he stumbled upon a dark-skinned beauty being attacked by dogs in an alleyway... One thing leads to another and she ended up living with him as she had nowhere else to go... With nothing of...

Kiss Hug

short-story:Chizuru and Haru had been friends since childhood and regarded each other solely as brother and sister. However, as time went on, the children grew up to become grown-up boys and girls. Now Haru looks at his once best friend as an object for sex. He can’t help it, because he’s not exactly breathing...

Aibeya The Animation

category: Hentai / Anal
short-story:With his parents abroad and his house in renovation all of a sudden, Kouta Kazama ends up staying at the home of his neighbor, Aki Hayama, sharing a room with her. Being childhood friends, they used to be very close, but now, as a man and woman sleeping together, it might not take too long for them...
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