Goblin no Suana

In this world, there exist wicked creatures called goblins. They are terrifying beasts that kill people, violate women, and reproduce through vile means. The next target of such goblins was the devout pilgrim Anvil. Anvil, who had become a prisoner despite his prayers, was

Year: 2023
Episode: 4 of 4
Studio: Majin
Reliase: 31.03.2023 | 26.05.2023 | 25.08.2023 | 24.11.2023
Translate: Russian, English
Shin Bible Black

Several years had passed after Walpugis Night, consecutive bizarre murder cases occurred in the metropolitan. The discovered dead bodies are couples considered to be murdered during sexual intercourse. The women didn't have external injury, but men were completely burned and

Year: 2004
Episode: 6 of 6
Studio: Milky
Producer: Hamuo, Kazuyuki Honda, Sho Hanebu
Reliase: 25.04.2004 - 25.12.2007
Translate: Russian, English
Ryoujoku Famiresu Choukyou Menu

Sayaka’s family is rich but her parents suddenly go missing. She needs to find a job to make a living but she doesn’t know what to do. One day, Yuzuko offers Sayaka a part-time job at a family restaurant. She takes it and starts to work there. But Kuroki, the boss of the

Year: 2010
Episode: 2 of 2
Studio: PoRO
Producer: Nobitome Youta
Reliase: 24.09.2010 | 24.12.2010
Translate: Russian, English
Hana Dorei

An art pupil sees how his teacher uses his wife for bizarre sex games. After his teacher is killed, the pupil decides to take his teacher's place when it comes to sex games with the hot and now widowed wife. However, this sort of act won't lead to anything good.

Year: 2001
Episode: 2 of 2
Studio: Y.O.U.C.
Producer: Oda Kansaburou
Reliase: 10.09.2001 | 09.11.2001
Translate: Russian, English
Gitai Saimin

Shinta is just an average student. But one day, a tentacle-shaped alien suddenly parasitizes in his penis. Shinta complains about it, but the alien answers there will be no problem because it can mimic. Shinta decides to satisfy his sexual desire using this power....

Year: 2011
Episode: 2 of 2
Studio: Vanilla
Reliase: 13.01.2011 | 19.04.2011
Translate: Russian, English
Kangoku: Injoku no Jikkentou

Miyagawa Yuki is a secret agent for a government organization. She and her colleagues, Reiko Carrere Yukiko and Morishita Kana, are ordered to spy on a pharmaceutical company that is under suspicion of producing illegal drugs. However, their activities are known to the company

Year: 2006
Episode: 2 of 2
Studio: MS Pictures
Reliase: 25.03.2006 | 25.11.2006
Translate: Russian, English
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Fleur The Animation

Category: Hentai / Upscale-AI / Milf
Short-story:Shinonome-san, my editor-in-chief, is diligent and kind, often going above and beyond to take care of things. Even though I know I shouldn’t look at her in a sexual way, I can’t help but indulge in erotic fantasies. While I was showering, I start masturbating while fantasizing about her, and when I...

Sweet and Hot

Short-story:Women are drawn one after another to the smell of the sweat of the shady, chubby guy. The smell of his body odor makes their central nervous system go haywire. Once they smell the smell, they are captivated by the flabby guy, the girls in heat cannot suppress their sexual desire and have sexual...

Koutetsu no Majo Annerose

Short-story:Amidahara is a twisted city, well beyond the reaches of any salvation. Here, humans, demons, and criminals walk the streets with the mighty witch Annerose being one of the most feared and respected of the city's denizens. As part of her abilities, she was able to form a binding spell with a human...