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Oyako Rankan The Animation

short-story:Deep within a secluded village lies the Kamishiro household, a prestigious family whose women possess unmatched beauty. After being brought into the household following the death of his parents, Mamoru vows to repay the kindness of his benefactors by serving as their loyal butler. His older sister,...


short-story:A series of erotic short stories adapting the manga of the same name. In the first, the most gorgeous girl in class, who’s guaranteed to turn every guy who asks her out down due to her high standards, meets a unusual man who may break that streak and become her boyfriend. In the second, a girl...

Kojin Jugyou: Schoolgirl Ready for a Private Lesson

short-story:Kyou-chan and Aya are childhood friends. One day Kyou-chan gets a new job as a doctor in a school, that school is the one Aya, his childhood friend goes. To celebrate his new job Aya gives Kyou-chan her virginity. Now that Kyou-chan is at Aya's disposal at any time, she now takes every opportunity...
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