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Renketsu Houshiki

short-story:Keisuke’s father has informed his mother as well as Keisuke and Misaki that he has been diagnosed with cancer. And so, Keisuke announces that he wishes to inherit the family’s liquor business and be married to the daughter of his father’s former colleague. However, Keisuke’s sister Misaki does not...

Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru

short-story:In the land of Eostia, humans and dark elves have fought for supremacy for over a century. The dark elves rule over a race of monsters that has raided human lands for generations, capturing and defiling their women. Aided by powerful bands of mercenaries, the human kingdoms have gradually pushed...

Toilet no Hanako-san vs Kukkyou Taimashi

category: Hentai / Anal / Rape / BDSM / Loli / Upscale-AI / Group sex
short-story:The Story of bringing Hanako, who has been living in the women’s toilet for many years. Who are not only trying to expel it, and the monks and mediums and priests, nobody has been able to achieve the goal. However, this time for Hanako-Chan came a truly incredible exorcist, who uses a rather...

Sotsugyou Chikan Densha

category: Hentai / Rape
short-story:The main character of hentai is an ordinary Japanese otaku guy who, because of his excessive fullness, is not popular with girls. To somehow satisfy his craving for the female body and thirst for debauchery, our hero goes to the train, where nothing prevents him from molesting Busty beauties…...

Cafe Junkie

category: Hentai / Incest / Sex toys
short-story:Even though Masaru is about to graduate from a technical college pretty soon he still has no job. One and only pleasure for him is to spend time at a cafe called “Hidamari”. The cafe is owned by his childhood friend’s Nanami and Kurumi’s parents and they are working there too. One day, he learns...

Otome Chibaku Yuugi

category: Hentai
short-story:Kaoru is a high school student who does not have the guts to go against his old friend Nanao. Nanao keeps giving Kaoru sexual orders which he is forced to obey. One day he decides to take revenge. And for the revenge he will use his other classmate Mayu as his trump card....
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